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Things You Should Know About the Reservation System

You have 60 seconds after securing your anchor week to complete your reservation. A countdown clock will display your time remaining.

To Make a Reservation
  1. Scroll down within the table until you find the open week(s) you wish to reserve.
  2. Approximately one minute before open (as according to the countdown to open clock on the page labeled "Next Reservation Opens In...") the previously unavailable anchor weeks will turn green. You may then click your anchor and extend into unavailable weeks according to your available credits. HOWEVER, you will not be able to lock or reserve until the countdown clock expires (all dashes instead of numbers).
  3. Once the clock expires click either the LOCK or RESERVE button ONCE. Note that you will not be able to extend reserved weeks so you have more flexibility if you lock first and then reserve after extending your lock. If you click neither the Lock nor Reserve buttons, two seconds after your last click an automatic lock attempt will be made.
  4. After your unit-weeks are locked you must click on any you wish to add then click the reserve button to make your reservation. (Note that you must do this before the counter counts down to zero. If you fail to reserve the locked unit-weeks before the 60 second time limit expires the lock will be released and the unit-weeks will become open for reserving again.)
  5. Note that you cannot reserve weeks below an already reserved week if they aren't open weeks.
  6. You can add weeks to your already locked week (unless they are in the next year). If you wish to reserve weeks that aren't open using an anchor week either click the anchor and click the Lock button or wait for the automatic lock or click the anchor and subsequent weeks and click the Lock or Reserve buttons.
  7. Note that clicking an already selected or locked unit-week will deselect and unlock it.
  8. Changing Reservation Types
    1. You can change a week reservation type only before making the reservation (i.e. when the week is selected or locked, but not yet reserved).
      1. On Windows, to change a selected or locked unit-week from "owner" to "guest" hold down the control key or alt key and click the unit-week.
      2. On Mac, to change a selected or locked unit-week from "owner" to "guest" hold down the command key or option key and click it.
    2. Subsequent key-clicks on a unit week will cycle through the three available options (guest, owner, RCI Exchange).
    3. Note that clicking an already selected or locked unit-week without a modifier key will deselect and/or unlock it.
    4. Those on tablets or devices without the ability to use a modifier key while clicking will have to send a request to change their reservation types. See Cancel or Modify Reservations under the Reservations menu.
  9. Reserve Multiple Unit-Weeks Below an Anchor Week
    1. Hold down the shift key and click the lowest (last) unit-week you wish to reserve. Subject to the number of credits the user has, the unit-weeks between the anchor and last will be filled in. These will match the designation of the anchor week.
    2. Or just click them individually without holding down the shift key.
  10. To delete a locked unit-week, click it. If it is an anchor, or attached to an anchor, all unit-weeks locked below will be deleted as well.
  11. To use an anchor from a one bedroom unit-week with a two bedroom unit-week simply click on the desired unit-week one row below the bottom of the anchor unit-weeks. Again, the reservation type will be inherited from the anchoring unit-weeks. To change do as in Changing Reservation Types.
  12. Successful locks will have the user name and legacy ID and colored stripes from upper left to lower right with a cream background.
  13. Unsuccessful locks will have another user's name and legacy ID and stripes will run from lower left to upper right with a pink background.